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Here at the Denal & Oral Center we believe in our overall patient wellbeing and let you be in charge in making your dental decision. Our aim is to provide a warm inviting and comfortable environment in which to seek dental care and understand your concerns about coming to see the dentist. You'll be under the care of an American Board Certified dentist utilizing the latest in dental advancements.

Celebrating 10 years of success serving the Muscat community

Meet Dr. Dabbous

Dr. Tim Dabbous graduated in 1999 from University of Florida, one of the top Dental collages in the USA. He joined the US Navy shortly after and began his career as a Naval Luitenant Dentist practicing at one of the largest dental clinics in the world in Chicago, Illinois where he earned a general dentistry fellowship and continued to train in endodontics (root canal treatments) under the guidance of some of the best dental clinicians in the areas of root canal's and oral surgery. Dr. Dabbous recieved the Navy & Marine Core Acheievment Medal for being the best producing dentist 

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