Family Dentistry

We believe in seeing the family together under one roof

Trying to schedule appointments for multiple specialists at different clinics? Here at the Dental & Oral Center we see patients from infancy all the way to late adulthood.  Our child friendly environment and staff, make going to the dentist a “look forward to trip” for most of our loyal little patients.  As for our adult patients, we provide you with your personlized dental treatment plan in an anxiety-free environment.

Our Family Dental services include Adult & Pediatric Preventative and Restorative Treatments:


Dr. Dabbous’ aim is to care for you in a friendly informative environment, focusing on providing each member of your family with the best chance for a long term healthy cavity free oral health.

“Dr Tamer was absolutely brilliant. I took my two sons aged 2 and 5 to see Dr. Tamer. It was my 2yrs olds first proper check up, and usually he is very shy around adults but Dr. Tamer made him feel so comfortable and he was happy to sit for the check up. Both boys really enjoyed their visit. Honestly can’t recommend him highly enough!” G.T.



When should I bring my baby to see the dentist?

On or around your baby’s 1st birthday or 6 months after the eruption of his/her first tooth. We check their gums and advise you on healthy brushing habits and educate you on avoiding baby bottle tooth decay.


When should I bring my older kids to see the dentist?

Every 6 months for a checkup and cleaning and to monitor the health and alignment of their big kids teeth.


My kids are very fidgety and anxious?

Dr. Tim has extensive experience in pediatric dentistry.  You can start by reading with your child one of our going to the dentist story books in our waiting room kids corner and leave the rest to us!


Can I schedule all my family members in one appointment?

Yes!  When scheduling your appointment, just let the receptionist know that you are coming in as a family and she’ll allot the required time for each member in one time block. They’ll be kept busy and entertained in our kids corner while we see each member.


How long will my first visit last?

We take as long as we need to answer and address all your concerns. We don’t like to rush you as our patient.  Your first appointment ranges between 30-60min.




Schedule your family visit here or call us directly at +968 24 698 066