Frequently Asked

Here are some questions we frequently get asked. Should you require more information, please call us on +968 24 698 066

1What should I expect at my first appointment?
The doctor will spend ample time examining your teeth, gums, soft tissue and any related head/neck issues. He will clearly explain your existing oral condition and his recommendations to ensure your optimum oral health. A clear customized treatment plan will be provided for you to take home. A thorough dental cleaning is typically recommended at your first appointment as well.
2What should I do if I have a dental emergency?
Please do not hesitate to call us at +968 24 698 066 and explain the nature of your emergency. Our receptionist will do her very best to fit you in the day’s schedule so that the doctor may address the emergency as efficiently as possible. If after hours, you may SMS or call our after-hours emergency number at +968 9611 0611 and our staff will get back to you to address the immediate dental problem.
3Do you take dental insurance?
We are a fee for service office. We are more than happy to assist you with your claim from which you will then submit to your insurance company or your company HR for your reimbursement.
4I am a very anxious dental patient, how will the doctor handle this?
Before addressing your dental concerns, the doctors number one priority is to make sure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your dental visit. He will spend as much time as needed to discuss these anxieties with you and come up with a solution that puts you at ease to make for a pleasant dental experience.
5Do I need teeth whitening? Is teeth whitening harmful?
Teeth whitening is a very personal cosmetic choice and it is not for the dentist to “tell” you to whiten your teeth if you are personally happy with their appearance. The doctor may suggest whitening as a way to brighten your smile if you so desire but the ultimate decision is always yours. Professional teeth whitening is a completely safe procedure with no long term side effects.
6How often should I get my teeth professionally cleaned?
The general recommendation is twice a year or every six months to maintain optimum oral health.
7But my tooth doesn’t hurt. Why do I need to get a filling?
One of the important factors of a dental checkup is to catch a “cavity” at its earliest stages before it starts to cause pain. If we are able to eliminate it at this early stage, we can repair the tooth before any further damage and before it grows to become painful and require more extensive dental treatment.

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